Junk free june

Kiaora koutou

Although JFJ isn’t officially a thing this year I am participating as part of the wellbeing program at work. I love junk food and am doing this challenge to raise a small donation to cancer society and to challenge myself and to save my teeth! I am attempting no lollies, fizzy, chocolate (!?!) ice cream, chippies, takeaways, fast food and bakery items!!! That is going to be HARD! My one temptation I have excluded is coffee.  I will attempt no refined sugar.  No white bread. Also in the bid for no junk food I am attempting a 4 week workout plan in our new home gym that we have set up. My target is a $100 donation to the cancer society by the end of the month.  Nau mai Haratua! Get at me June! 

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