I Added These 7 Great Foods to My Diet Here Are the Results2

A year ago, I was feeling miserable. I was having to work hard to diet only to stay at the same weight. I thought that if I hit the gym now and then I could still have burgers and junk food whenever I wanted them. But my skin looked awful, I was always tired, and my dream body was getting nowhere closer.

Then I decided to make a change. I added seven new foods to my diet and took out all of the junk. The results? Well, first, let me tell you about the changes I made!

The Foods

The seven foods that I decided to add to my diet were as follows:

1. Eggs: eggs are created in a very special way, and it works out that they have exactly the right proportion of protein and fats to trigger a sensation of fullness for your brain. This means that eating an egg in the morning will leave you feeling fuller for longer. It has to be the whole egg, with nothing taken out. Avoid adding oil when you cook it to help keep it healthy.

2. Kale and spinach: these leafy greens are another great trick for your brain. You can eat a lot of greens without consuming many calories or carbohydrates, but still feel full because of the volume of food you have eaten. What’s more, they are packed with fibre, too.

3. Broccoli: this vegetable is basically  a superfood! It is high in protein and fibre but has a low energy density. This means you can eat a lot of it without putting on weight. It’s a great way to fill out a dish: you can put it in curries, stir fries, stews, and even just on the side of your plate to nibble on.

4. Boiled potatoes: I switch between white potatoes and sweet potatoes to get some variety. They are both fantastic for filling you up and promoting weight loss. There have been reports of people living on potatoes alone with few negative effects. They can also work as a palate cleanser. Once you start eating potatoes regularly, without drenching them in butter or oil, you’ll start to appreciate natural flavours and healthy snacks more.

5. Black beans: all types of beans are great because they contain protein, and fibre too. Black beans also taste fantastic. They are perfect for a Mexican spread.

6. Soup: when you prepare a soup you are basically adding water to your food. You’re bulking it up without adding more calories. Perfect, right? It’s also an easy way to eat your five-a-day.

7. Cottage cheese: it’s the ultimate mixer. It’s high in protein and can go with just about any meal. 

The results

So, after refocusing my diet on these foods and cutting out junk, what happened? I noticed my skin clearing up, to the point where I can go foundation free now. My hair is glossier, and my nails are stronger. I lost weight, which was fantastic – but my newfound energy also allowed me to get more exercise, so I put on toned muscle rather than getting too skinny. 

Most of all, I feel great within myself. I have a lot of energy when I wake up to face the day, and I feel more positive too. I have more confidence in myself and feel that I can step lighter. Overall, it’s great – and I only wish I’d done it sooner.

Your diet is responsible for a lot of things that you wouldn’t think about. If you feel like something needs to change, start with eating more of these foods – you may be surprised to see the results. 

About the author

Alicia Mayson

Not so long ago I was kind of chubby! But I got rid of junk food and now I feel so much better! Here to share my stories with you.