How maintaining a healthy lifestyle helped me repair my home budget2

The last year proves that I absolutely don't need junk food – and neither do you.

As you may recall, last year I officially sworn off junk food and the process of getting used to the new and improved lifestyle was easier than I imagined. There is no denying that my new job as a personal nutritionist was a huge motivator, because all of a sudden my entire day was revolving around nutritious foods and healthy dietary choices. 

Surprisingly, as soon as I made the decision about healthier lifestyle, I noticed that I have more money left at the end of each month. That meant only one thing – I needed to adjust my home budget. I realized that the funds that used to go to unhealthy comfort foods can – and should – be redirected to support my future goal, which is to become a clinical dietician. I have already chosen the school I would like to attend and, hopefully, this time next year I will be a proud clinical nutrition and dietetics student. I was thinking  about ways of creating passive income, but I didn't have much time to take up a side hustle. Instead, I started investing online and already made a profit that can pay for a part of my tuition.

I always thought that junk food is very cheap. It took me several months to realize that my expenses on convenience foods quickly add up to a significant sum each month. I remember the times when I was busting my weekly paycheck on fast food meals, fatty office snacks, super sweet coffee drinks and frozen dinners. Partly because of my laziness, but mostly due to the fact that I just wasn't the best home cook led me to make unhealthy food decisions. Let's be honest, buying ready-made dinner and a bag of crisps is way faster than making a healthy meal from scratch, right? For the longest time I was a victim of false pretences, but the right time came and I decided to start cooking at home. After several significant wins  (veggie burgers – yum!) and several spectacular fails (zucchini noodles – never again) I can say that coking at home takes some getting used to, but it in fact is quite fun and rewarding. And it enables me to try out recipes that I offer my clients first hand.

I realize now that my lifestyle changed drastically over the last year. I bought four fresh new cookbooks that help me fall in love with healthy cooking at home. Each day they inspire me to step out of my comfort zone and try out new things in the kitchen. I even bought a pressure cooker and several other accessories that bring me joy every day and motivate me to sustain my new way of life. 

I hope you are making similar changes in your life and that your decision to quite junk food has helped you improve! I know I am not going back to greasy burgers and soda! 

All my best,


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Michelle Arios

A healthy food lover who decided it's time to give up some candies and sweets and become healthier.