How Getting Rid of Junk Food Changed My Personal and Career Life and Can Change Yours3

I always thought that junk food was one of those necessary comforts in life. 

It’s something that we all enjoy  – and indulge in at least from time to time. That quick takeaway on the weekend, heading to a fast food place while out and about, a bag of greasy snacks at work: we don’t think much about eating these foods. They taste good, they make us feel good, and we need them. Right?

Well, I was completely wrong. After trying an experiment and giving up junk food, I haven’t looked back. Not only has my personal life improved, but my career soared too – all from that one little choice. 

Giving up for good

I didn’t realise just how much awful stuff I was putting into my body by eating junk food. It’s almost always chock full of things you really don’t want to have too much of – like sugar, fats, and salt. I was pouring those into my body without even thinking about it.

Because junk food is quick, cheap, and easy, we often don’t stop to think about how it is prepared or  what ingredients are used. Normally you’re looking at the dregs that have been rejected from premium products and left to the bottom of the barrel to be scraped up. They are prepared in often unsanitary conditions – just look at how many fast food outlets get shut down or issued health warnings ever year.

Not only are you risking bacterial contaminations, you’re also risking that the meat or other foods you are eating aren’t cooked properly, aren’t made from great sources, and might not even be what you think they are.

Immediately after ditching the junk food for good, I noticed a lot of personal changes, all linked to getting rid of those elements from my diet. I had clearer skin, and my teeth and hair felt healthier. I also felt like I had more energy. I lost weight even though I was eating the same amount of food every day.

Amazingly, even my memory improved.

Getting a new job

Changing to a junk-food-free diet made me realise I had a real passion for diet and nutrition. I thought about giving up my career and making the switch. I was amazed to see so many  health food jobs listed on sites like Gumtree, which gave me the courage to make the leap.

I ended up going down the personal nutritionist route, which means that I help people to refine their diets and figure out what works best for them. Some people are desperate to hang on to those weekend treats, but I tell them what I know: once you quit cold turkey, you never look back.

I don’t even crave junk food anymore. Simply, my body doesn’t want it – and recognises healthy foods like fruit and vegetables as a better source of nutrition and flavour.

There were plenty of other roles I could have gone for as well. Being a health and wellness coach was a close second choice for me, though it has a more general approach and I wanted to focus just on food.

With more training, I could also go on to become a clinical dietician. I’m still considering going back to school to get those qualifications, as I could really make a difference in others’ lives.

It turned out that getting rid of junk food from my diet was the best decision I ever made. I’ve found a whole new way of life, and I couldn’t be happier with it. 

Wish me even more luck!


About the author

Michelle Arios

A healthy food lover who decided it's time to give up some candies and sweets and become healthier.