Give Up Junk Food Your Fertility Will Thank You3

If you’re currently trying to conceive a child (or you know you’d like to at some point in the next few years), you need to begin setting the stage for your body. Even if you’re at a proportionate weight, you may not actually be healthy. Some people can get pregnant in the blink of an eye, while others will need to try harder. A contributing factor to your ability to conceive may come in the form of the nutrients you’re receiving in your everyday diet. 

How Food Affects Your Fertility

If you’re eating a lot of junk food, you’re not getting access to the vitamins and minerals you need. Things that are designed to taste good aren’t often designed to nourish you. You might even be getting excess amounts of certain nutrients from junk food that can harm your body. Phosphorous is something we need in conjunction with calcium for healthy bones. Phosphorous is found in soda, but frequent soda drinkers often take in too much phosphorous. This can lead to weaker bones. 

While taking supplements for nutrients can help, nothing is as good for you as eating nutrient rich food and letting your body naturally absorb the nutrient content. Every part of our body has specific nutrient needs. The heart, for example,  needs omega-3 fatty acids  for strength and to regulate blood pressure. This is exactly why nuts and fish appear on so many heart healthy menus. 

Your reproductive system has similar needs, but for different nutrients. If you aren’t getting the nutrients you need to keep your reproductive system properly functioning, you might have difficulty conceiving a healthy baby. This is why so many birth control pills contain an iron supplement at the end of the cycle – that’s what the week of different colored tablets contain. Women need more iron during their periods to stay healthy, and if they don’t get that iron, their bodies may suffer as a result. 

Fertility Boosting Foods

By eating foods that address the body’s needs, you can naturally absorb the nutrients necessary for a stronger reproductive system. Some food substitutions can even boost fertility by replacing foods that inhibit reproductive processes. 

Fertility Boosters

High insulin levels can complicate or even inhibit ovulation. One of the biggest contributors to high insulin levels is processed carbs, like the kind you’d find in white breads or desserts. By switching to complex carbs, like whole grains,  insulin levels can be stabilized  and ovulation won’t see the negative effects.

Healthy fats are also vital to fertility. Your body does need fat, but it doesn’t need saturated fats. Things like whole milk, avocados, and olive oil in moderation will provide the healthy fats you need to maintain strong and resilient body tissue. 

Reproductive Health

Some problems that women commonly face, such as urinary tract infections, yeast infections, or bacterial vaginosis, come from a bad balance of natural bacteria in the body or bad bacteria getting into places it shouldn’t. Foods like cranberries are great for keeping the urinary tract clean. Yogurt and fermented foods can help restore the body’s natural PH balance, keeping good bacteria and bad bacteria in check. 

It’s important to never assume you have a normal infection that can be managed at home if you’re sexually active. Before you decide that some cranberries and yogurt can fix the problem, get tested for STIs to rule out the possibility that something more serious is going on. 

There are countless benefits to removing junk from your diet and replacing it with something your body actually wants you to eat. Fertility is just one of many. It’s never a bad time to start making changes and being proactive about your health. 

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