Enough Junk Food How to Ensure Your Food is Organic3

There are many reasons why people opt to eat organic. A lot of the time, it’s a dietary restriction that encourages people to make healthier choices. Prepackaged organic foods are often formulated with the health conscious in mind, meaning that they’re less likely to contain added sugars or fats. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, it might be difficult to fully transition into organic food. The shopping process is different, and it’s a little more complicated than a brief glance at the nutrition facts or an assumption based on the labelling. 

Look At Your Produce

Organic produce is ugly, and that’s a good thing. Whenever you’re picking a fruit or a vegetable, you’ll know it’s really organic based on the way that it looks. Produce that isn’t organic tends to be larger, brighter in color, and uniform in shape. Usually, organic produce is specifically labelled. 

Organic produce may be duller in color and look a little lopsided. It might also bruise easier or ripen sooner than its non-organic counterparts. This is because organic produce isn’t mass grown for sustainability. It’s planted and cared for, but it hasn’t been genetically modified or naturally selected for efficiency the same way other produce would be. 

The way the produce looks doesn’t affect the way it tastes. If you’re cooking with an organic carrot, you’re probably going to slice it or dice it anyway. Cutting and frying organic potatoes will make them look like any other fried potato. There’s no reason to try to find the prettiest – in fact,  volunteering to scoop up the ugliest ones will likely prevent food waste from people passing them up. 

Read and Understand Labels on Packaged Foods

Words like “healthy”, “natural”, “fresh” or “locally grown” don’t mean organic. Only organic means organic. If you’re being strict about your purchases, it’s important to look specifically for the word on prepackaged or canned foods. It’s also unwise to assume that something is organic just because it’s the most expensive often. A lot of the time, vegetables that are grown in mass quantities will be canned and sold inexpensively, even if they are organic. 

You may not be able to find certain kinds of packaged foods that are entirely organic. Foods that are partially organic will generally list the percentage (i.e. “made with 94% organic ingredients”). If you can’t find an entirely organic version of something, you can probably find a mostly organic alternative. 

It’s important to note that organic does not mean a product was grown without any chemicals or insecticides. In fact, most organic farmers need to use more of these things than other kinds of farmers because their crops aren’t naturally resistant to common blights. They simply use different kinds of chemicals or insecticides, namely varieties  that aren’t derived from synthetic sources. Therefore, a label may not state that organic food was created without any of these aids – you’ll typically only find “chemical free” labelling on organic bath and body products, and it’s in reference to different kinds of chemicals. 

Grow It Yourself 

The best way to know all of your food is organic is to grow it yourself. If you’re passionate about organic foods, you can always  become an organic farmer. You can do it in your own yard to supply your family and friends with organic produce, or you can do it on a larger scale to provide for your entire community. You’ll have the ultimate control over what kinds of insecticides you use, as well as soil condition. You can also use your own compost to feed your plants. 

It might sound like a hassle to get used to, but it will only take you a few shopping trips to find your new tried and true organic alternatives. It will become a natural instinct in no time. 

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Kiera Smith

A sportsgirl who has recently started doing some crossfit! It is not easy, but with proper diet and a lot of motivation you can quickly see results!

That's why I am against junk food with all my heart and I constantly promote healthy lifestyle and healthy diets! Hope to find great people here.