11 Amazing Gifts for Your Healthy Food Loving Friend3

Trying to find the perfect gift for your friend? While plying your friend with candies and cakes, or a dinner at a trendy-but-greasy restaurant is easy and fun, it’s not always the best thing, especially if you know that they’re working towards a healthier lifestyle. Finding a gift that is both healthy and useful for someone that is trying to make good choices can sometimes be just as difficult as making good choices. Here are some thoughtful suggestions to show that you care about their desire to improve their health.


Whether they are into protein shakes or fruit smoothies, a blender is a fantastic tool for any health-food nut to have. 

Fruit of the Month

Like any other subscription food service, you can pay once for your friend to be delivered a different  seasonal fruit each month of the year. They often come with recipe ideas to help you figure out what to do with a large quantity of one type of fruit.

Home-grown Vegetables

Nothing shows that you care more than giving a gift of your time and labor. This is the only gift on this list that doesn’t come in an easy-to wrap and ship box. If your friend isn’t local,  you may need a courier service to help you package and ship these perishable items.

Veggie Spiral Cutter

One of the hottest health-food trends of the past decade, a veggie spiralizer is a great tool to have in the kitchen. It allows you to replace pasta, rice, and other carb-heavy foods with fresh and tasty veggies. Just add your favorite sauce or seasoning for a delicious meal.

Water Bottle

A well-made, BPA-free plastic water bottle makes an excellent gift for a friend that’s always on the go. Drinking plenty of water is one of the best things that you can do to improve your health. This is also a great last-minute gift idea, since you can find them practically anywhere.

Food Dehydrator

Keeping healthy snacks on hand isn’t always easy. A food dehydrator lets you preserve your healthy fruits and vegetables without the use of chemical preservatives or boiling all the nutrients out of them so they can be canned.

Counter-top Herb Garden Kit

This is a healthy, useful, and FUN gift to give. The kits usually  contain everything you need to get set up, except the water. This is a great gift to give in person, as you can spend some quality time with each other while putting it together.

Organic Soap

If your friend is becoming very conscious about what they put in their bodies, the surfaces that their food comes in contact with should also be a consideration. There are plenty of all-natural and organic dish soaps, all-purpose cleaners, and even packets for the automatic dishwasher.


One of the easiest gifts to give a health-conscious friend is a cookbook full of recipes. You just need a little bit of info about what foods they are eliminating or what diet they are using and you can find a book of delicious recipes that meet their needs.

Snack-food Subscription 

Like the fruit-of-the-month clubs, this is a one-time purchase that your friend can enjoy year-round. Each month a different selection of healthy, all-natural, or organic snacks can be sent to your friend. It’s a great way to try out a variety of new health-food products.

Cast-Iron Cookware

Most modern non-stick cookware is made with harsh and sometimes toxic chemicals to make food release easily. Nothing can compare to the all-natural non-stick surface of a well-seasoned cast iron skillet. They also last forever!

Any one of these ideas makes a great gift for someone looking to improve their health and wellness. Keep the list handy to cover birthdays, anniversaries, and other gift-giving occasions!

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