The Long Weekend Progress report

Morning Everyone, thought I owed you an update on how my challenge is going. Well the answer is good I can say I have had breakfast every morning (above is a picture of this mornings brekkie, sorry can't get the stupid thing rotated, me a technology are not the best of friends). I haven't brought one single lunch other than the ingredients and they have been yummy. Have had dinner at a reasonable time each night too, even stunning my best friend Lynne in Christchurch that I was so organised!

So what does the weekend ahead have in store for me, well I am going to catch up on some long overdue projects. The problem with me and weekends and eating is that I do one of two things 1/ I get doing something and forget to eat, hence ending with me starving at the end of the day and eating JUNK, or 2/ feeling alone and depressed which combines with me sitting on the couch watching tv and you guessed it eating.

Now some of you would think that I am being brutally honest and putting out very personal stuff into a public forum. My response to that is that to do this challenge and get my eating and health into line I need to be honest to myself and seeing it written down makes it real. I am embarrassed at my weight, I want to live, I want to see my (maybe) grandchildren one day. Anyone who has ever had a weight problem knows that it just isn't the food and the amount of it that you eat it is other things as well. Some might call them demons just like why some drink, do drugs we do food. 

It is easy for people who have never had a weight problem to say oh you just do this and that, eat this don't eat that, yeah you know what we're not STUPID we all know what we need to do, but we need support, love and encouragement, we need to deal with demons, we need to build our self confidence because quite often it is non-existent, oh yes they say fat people are jolly, well that maybe on the outside, but deep down, some are crying out in pain just wanting to be believed in, just to be told that they are worthwhile and more importantly not be JUDGED as dumb or lazy.

Thanks again for you love and support, it is so appreciated, please share with your friends, even those who like me struggle hopefully I can inspire others to take a step to well being too <3



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Averil Ferbert

Averil Ferbert

On July the 3rd it will be 14 years since I was diagnosed with Acute Myloid Leukemia. My focus was to survive to see my children grow up. I am doing Junk Free June to raise money for other families who have to face this horrible disease cancer, lets bless them with our support, please donate :)