Mocha Layered Chia Pudding Or FINALLY a chia pudding that actually tastes good

I've had chia pudding many times, and until now, I've never liked it. Packed with proteins and other good stuff and quite filling, chia seeds are one of the go-to superfoods for breakfasts today. They plump up when soaked in liquid and form a pudding-like texture after a while. Just put a tablespoon in your liquid of choice the night before and you've got an easy, healthy, grab-and-go breakfast for the morning. Unfortunately, they're also really bland.

A while back, I somehow managed to acquire about 5kg worth of chia seeds, which is a little annoying when you don't like chia seed pudding. I've been on the hunt for ways to make it not only palatable, but enjoyable, ever since.

Then Little Island Coconut Creamery donated their range of coconut milks to me. I knew I had to try it.

And finally I'm a chia pudding convert.


Mocha Layered Chia Pudding

Chocolate layer:

1 tbsp chia seeds

1/4 cup Little Island Coconut Creamery chocolate coconut milk

Coffee layer:

1/2 tbsp chia seeds

2 tbsp Little Island Coconut Creamery coffee coconut milk


In two separate bowls, mix the ingredients for the chocolate layer, and then the ingredients for the coffee layer. Let sit for 10-20 minutes and give each a stir. Place in the fridge overnight to set. In the morning, layer the chocolate and coffee puddings, and top with your favourite toppings - e.g. cacao nibs, coconut threads, coconut yoghurt, berries.


Don't forget! Donate $5 or upwards and go in the draw to WIN a 380ml bottle of Little Island Coconut Creamery coconut milk! I've got five to give away, one of each flavour. Please help me raise money for The Cancer Society of New Zealand.

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Isabelle Cohen

My name is Isabelle, a second year university student with a passion for healthy eating. I believe everything starts with a good diet - which means it's both good for you and tastes great. I took part in Junk Free June last year and am happy to support the cause again.