Junk Rule Number 4.

3. Google made me do it.

I'm almost positive, that without Google, my education would have been, well, a waste of money. It's my go to for absolutely everything. Without Google, I'd be quite frankly, fucked. I use it for everything, from things as little as a restaurant contact, to how long it will take me to drive to places. Whether it will rain tomorrow, or if there's a chance I might win lotto. In fact now as I go through my history here are some of the things I've asked Google.

-Signs that you might be dying. - This was because I was so sick, I actually thought it might have been the end. I thought I might highlight the first three signs for you. The first, loss of appetite. Because I was so sick, I didn't have one, so tick. The next was fatigue and sleep, which I was doing an awful lot of, tick. Increased physical weakness came next, and that was it, I was convinced; the end, the end was a coming. I didn't want to continue my search, instead I just prayed that I would wake up. - and I did.

-The best way to remove stains on a white shirt. This was searched at 2am on a Saturday after someones drink had decided to throw itself at me. Had I not had as many drinks as I did, it probably would have seemed a lot worse, but because I was so happy about everything, and after reading the first tip: immediately treat with water, it all seemed too hard, so that was the end of that search.

-How to make lots of money. This search was inspired because I was going through a rather tough time at an old job and I thought that perhaps, if I had another avenue of income, it would make it easier to leave. I picked Forbes to help me on this one. There were 44 ways Forbes deemed to ways to earn more money. Whilst most of them were that of common sense and ways that weren't only practical but achievable, there were a few that made me laugh. 

15. Walk dogs. 

29. Be a test subject. 

36. Sell your hair.

37. Sell your photos online.

-If you spray a spider with hairspray, will it die? Whilst there were many different opinions on this topic, I can tell you, that yes, yes they do.

-What's worse. A hurricane or a cyclone? This search was inspired by a conversation at a bar. I don't remember it entirely, but it was along the lines that someone had mentioned that I might perhaps be a little dangerous. I, in my normal fashion of response, mentioned that you don't hear any hurricanes named after men. Then the question was asked, well what actually is worse? Fact of the day: Hurricanes, cyclones, and typhoons are all the same weather phenomenon; we just use different names for these storms in different places. 

I am most certain that there are many more google searches that I probably would be ashamed to admit I did google, for example, are ATMs closed on bank holidays or if you drink coke and mentos will your stomach explode, but I better save those for a rainy day. Google is my best kept secret for not going insane, enhancing my wealth of knowledge, answering questions I would normally be far too embarrassed to ask, and a great stalking tool without risking jail time. 

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