Winter is coming June is here

A picture of a scared cat hiding under a newspaper, this is exactly what I wont be this June.

Day 5 not smoking, just had a healthy morning tea and have some vegetable curry in the fridge for lunch. This, my friends, is going to be a breeze.

Instead of being a cat hiding under newspaper I am going to really embrace these changes, again this is the first day, but hey one day at a time.

I have never done anything like this. I am a person who is on a diet unitl I see a pizza in front of me, a person who doesnt smoke until I see a friend smoking. Having something concrete to achieve is a big help and knowing that other people are on the same boat is also great.

Anyway, catch you soon, and enjoy that burger (self  righteous health guy) 

Wish me luck.

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louis gordon green

louis gordon-green

Plenty of junk to kick. Have already started. "Start strong they said" and continue for the rest of June. Cigarettes are gone, those dear little old cancer sticks that have been with me through thick and thin (we are three days into our break up). Alcohol has to go in that case as well