The Ten Commandments

This is what our Family had come up with in regards to staying Junk Free in June :)

The Ten Commandments:

No chocolate

No fizzy drinks

No candy

No biscuits

No chips

No takeaways (sushi allowed)


No baked goods

No pastries

No added sugar (or extra foam)

Rule of thumb: Check the packet for the nutritional guide, nothing over 8g of sugar

Consequence: A push up for every dollar. This will be Recorded and put on the page.

We also have snap chat buddies to make sure everyone is keeping on track!

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Te Whanau Tamehana

Te Whanau Tamehana

Kia Ora Everyone! We have decided to jump on board with Junk Free June to help
raise money for The Cancer Society. All donations will be appreciated. Arohanui x