Coffee with sugar thanks 3

I noticed something a little disturbing this morning. I have 5 coffees everyday, 4 of these I have before I leave for work, and those 4 have sugar in them. Two teaspoons of sugar in each. So that's 8 teaspoons of sugar before I've even left the house!

Even though I use a low GI sugar that's still pretty bad.

So in line with my goal of reducing my refined sugar intake, I aim to cut that in half by the end of the month. Starting today, I'm going to reduce a teaspoon of sugar in each cup each week of june.

This morning it was my 4th cup that got the reduction, and I can taste the difference. I can do this!!!

Other goals to work on today - make it to Pilates tonight, drink more water & stay away from chocolate, no matter how scrumptious those leftover chocolate cupcakes look.

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Tara Apperley

Being gluten free already I maintain a fairly healthy lifestyle, but I do tend to eat a fair amount of chippies and chocolate still. So for junk free June I'm going to give them both up, and try to lessen my refined sugar intake.