Sweaty Days Ahead

My first "Prep Day" for Junk free June! I want to give it my all as last year I failed miserably! I must admit I was 30 odd weeks pregnant last Junk Free June so my will power to ignore cravings was non-existent...My Prep Day began with a well thought out nutrition plan, grocery shopping (on a full stomach of scrambled eggs and wholegrain toast)  and an appointment for a free personal training session at Les Mils! They had a promotion through GrabOne website which came at just the right time! 

My Advice for the day: If you can do something new and different every day when you work out it will make things a lot more fun and you will want to keep going! It could be a change of scenery to your usual walk track, a new upbeat playlist to listen to or a free training session to boost that drive and motivation! Thats something I've learnt that is working really REALLY well :) 

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Eden Te Puni

Eden Te Puni

One of my biggest idols in life, my step mother, is a 5 year breast cancer survivor and if this is what I can do to help anyone who has lost family to cancer I would love to be involved. I will give up takeaways, sweet foods and coffee! My biggest weakness is ice cream and chocolate...Wish me luck!