Day 3 Box fit week one.

Dragging your ass out of bed in the rain and dark at stupid o'clock is never fun, even if you're a freaky morning person. But boxing is incredible. If you haven't ever tried it, you should try it. This morning I got to a box fit class before work, which was my #3 gym visit for the first week of June. Anything from here is a bonus round. Yuss.

This is only an option for me because one of the kid's other parents did the school run. Otherwise, the only 'free' time to exercise on school runs  is during a lunch break, so I'm lucky I have the option sometimes. Full time mums in particular I think get hit with never having time to move independently, whether they are in paid work or not, up until all of the kids are at school. And then if you're paid working, you often get home to start a 'second shift'. I look forward to the day when the kid is old enough to swim unsupervised and run along with me - maybe by then I'll be too old to keep up!

Anyway, boxing. The class I'm doing at the moment is just a fitness class not a technique or sparring one or anything. I have done more serious community classes in the past which were awesome, even though I looked like a muppet. It doesn't matter. When you are taught how to engage your core and throw your body weight behind a punch, you get a better sense of your own strength and suddenly wonder WHY it is girls are never taught to do this properly. A good boxing class will give you a full body cardio and strength workout using all your muscles. There are community boxing gyms all around NZ, usually with very small entry fees. Once you've bought or borrowed a pair of gloves and wraps you're set. It doesn't matter if you're a goober, very unfit, have tiny t-rex arms, or female. I'm all of these things. Everyone can get fitter boxing.

The best thing about boxing is that I don't spend the class wondering when it will end or how much energy to conserve, or if I'm doing it right. The hardest part is NOT entirely wasting myself for fun in the first 20 minutes, so I can make it to the end without the instructor worrying I'm going to die ungraciously on a bag. I know the class will always be a worthwhile time investment. 

Good luck for everyone's first week. ? 

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Jennifer Lawless

Jennifer Lawless

I'm interested in public health promotion, and this makes so much more sense than pink sugary things for breast cancer. I know money is tight for most folks so the challenge is more important than the $ to me. This year I'm doing no booze, no sweeteners, and no bedtimes after 11.30pm.