Day 2 Weights time and laundry3

Today there wasn't a lunch break to squeeze a gym class in to, so I managed to fit in a short class that I was a bit late to after work. This was 'Power', my gym's knock-off of Pump (no trademark infringement intended...).

I've been doing pump classes since I was 18 years old which is something something over a decade. They were my first introduction to a gym, in France, and are an important part of my fitness. If I'm not going to pump, things aren't going great. I was lucky in my last job to have an in-house instructor who was fantastic over nearly 9 years, and supportive bosses. Friday pump class was sacrosanct, at the same time every week, with the same instructor and often the same people. This made it hard to get out of and easy to remember. I made some work and personal connections through that class I never would have made otherwise, and it kept my base strength on the level.

When I was younger I used to go hard out, increasing my weight whenever possible. Now I'm older and my joints aren't so great, and I have an irregular work schedule, just getting time to go a class that somehow fits is good. Having different instructors though is difficult- I don't know what weights I can risk trying or what they're about to do, or feel the same sense of obligation and community attending.

All up, the class was about a half an hour, so I dunno if I can count it as one of my three. Technically I went to the gym, but if your mascara aint running, you aint working, ammirite?! Nonetheless, it was what I had time for today.

Fitting in exercise isn't just the time spent sweating, it feels like about equal measures of time planning and preparing- working out when you can go, booking the class, negotiating childcare and transport, sorting out clothes and a buffer to get changed, washing and drying the clothes afterwards, packing a healthy lunch, and getting to bed on time to get up and do it all over again. On top of the cooking, cleaning, getting the kid to bed, rebooting the bung laptop, cleaning up the smashed glassware from failed cleaning... you get the picture. When I was 18 up to the point I had a kid, getting time to do these things wasn't something I ever needed to think about. It was simply a case of motivation. People in countries like France have much shorter working weeks and less time commuting- NZ'ers have some of the highest work hours and furthest commutes in the developed world, which doesn't leave a lot of time for 'leisure' like looking after yourself. There's a lot of privilege or ingenuity needed for the control over your paid and unpaid time as well as money spent to access good health.

One small timesaver is chucking the gym gear in the bath to soak after the kid is finished, because no one wants to pay for an extra hot-wash, especially if you're as stinky as me :) . 

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I'm interested in public health promotion, and this makes so much more sense than pink sugary things for breast cancer. I know money is tight for most folks so the challenge is more important than the $ to me. This year I'm doing no booze, no sweeteners, and no bedtimes after 11.30pm.