Day 3

Yes, today counts as day 1, because it's the first week in June. My Junk-Free- June is more about getting to the gym rather than diet, because my diet is full of healthy food. And then maybe some other mostly-healthy food. And then more healthy food. Yum, food. 

Although I will cut out extra treats, the biggest challenge for me is finding time to exercise. Before our housing market was entirely destroyed, I used to run to work, which was a great way to save on the bus and combine my commute time with my exercise time. Now, I live 25ks away on a good day, further for school drop-off, and have to drive via SH1, so an active commute isn't really an option. This, combined with working full time, parenting, and a knee injury has meant fitness usually gets squashed right out, so my goal is getting to the gym or equivalent three times a week.

I know activity is only 20% and diet and genes are the rest but it's definitely my biggest challenge, and I enjoy it. It's also important for my base metabolic rate because like lots of NZ'ers I have metabolic issues that mean if I'm not doing some kind of resistance training I can get poor blood sugar control. Luckily I do have a gym membership and can sometimes fit classes into my work break.

In the spirit of overdoing things, I decided to start off with my second ever HIT (high intensity interval training) class. I was short on sleep, late to eat breakfast, high on caffeine and getting over an eye infection, so this was clearly an awesome idea. HIT, or HIIT is marketed as a way for busy people to get the most cardio and strength bang for their buck out of a short workout time. It tends to attract the kind of athletic type-A lycra-clad gym goers you see in advertising. You know, the people who wear active wear to actually work out in and do full push-ups by choice.

True to form, I was wayyyyyyyyyy down the bottom of the fitness scale. I know it's not a competition, but being a hobbit in a class full of fit people is always a little bit funny. I reminded myself my ancestors proudly survived the potato famine, not a bikini contest, and did what I could next to the athletically committed. On the positive side, HIT is definitely a time-efficient way to spend your lunch break. On the other hand, this is my face about to go to an Important Work Thing.

One down, two to go. 

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Jennifer Lawless

Jennifer Lawless

I'm interested in public health promotion, and this makes so much more sense than pink sugary things for breast cancer. I know money is tight for most folks so the challenge is more important than the $ to me. This year I'm doing no booze, no sweeteners, and no bedtimes after 11.30pm.