Group Questions

How do I make a group?

It's easy. Just sign-up and follow the steps to create a group. You have to start with your own personal account before you can make a group, so once you've created that you're ready to go.

How do I join a group?

All you have to do is find the group then request to join. If you have the group password, enter it to get instant access. If you don't have the group password you can either ask for it from the group administrator if you know them or just request to join and wait for them to approve you.

How do I manage my group?

Just login to your Junk Free June dashboard, click 'Group' and voila! You can see who's requested to join plus accept members (and remove them) all in the one place. 

Can we merge groups together?

Nope. If you have offices in different locations, or different friend groups in different regions or states, you can either create one group for everyone, or get different groups created for each location or region. 

How do I add members to a group?

When you log in to your group page, you will need to hit the share button. 

You can find this when you log in, click on ‘group’. 

You will need to supply your invited member the password that you made for this group.

They will need to create a profile to be part of the action.

Good luck!

JFJ group screenshot


Do donations to my individual profile show up in my group donation total?

When you raise money, that’ll appear on your individual page and in the group total.

So if you and your Mum are in the same group -  if you’ve raised $10, and your Mum has raised $10 – it will show up as $20 on your group page. And as $10 on your individual page.

Please note that donations in the group total will not appear on your individual profile. 

I don't want to create an individual profile to join a group...

You need to have an individual account in order to join a group.